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Well I solve problems simple as that. There is some 200,000 indie tracks or more published improperly every single year or “partially” published. I solve the problem of getting the music or video seen, and in a place to collect revenue and monetize the content. I understand that we all won’t be the biggest megastars on earth. That’s a highly competitive ‘top 10’ tier system. SO I help with putting your art, content, and or multimedia in the ‘vacuum’ so to speak to be consumed as our mega star counterparts. ”

Maurice Jones, Owner, Ceo

Letting Nothing Get In The Way

The Baltimore Premier

Pops Jr. has released his first video and single "Wash State"

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Kilo M.O.E's Rambo Video Delivers On Its Long Awaited Build Up

After Going Almost 3 years without a visual Kilo M.O.E finally delivers the goods with a dual punch from his latest Single Rambo. As the first official preview of the Shoot- Which Also Featured M.O.E's Debut Single to the Feddy Andretti project 'Braggin' produced by Twanbeatmaker, Kilo M.O.E's "Go To" for Production.

Why Are We Not Checking For Wash State?

O.M.G Entertainment is an official Merlin member.

O.M.G Entertainment is an official Merlin member.

Introducing Pops Jr. Summer '18