Kilo M.O.E Drops Into The Show The Way Show Live

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The Vision Of Digital Content

Well I solve problems simple as that. There is some 200,000 indie tracks or more published improperly every single year or “partially” published. I solve the problem of getting the music or video seen, and in a place to collect revenue and monetize the content. I understand that we all won’t be the biggest megastars on earth. That’s a highly competitive ‘top 10’ tier system. SO I help with putting your art, content, and or multimedia in the ‘vacuum’ so to speak to be consumed as our mega star counterparts. ”

Maurice Jones, Owner, Ceo

Kilo M.O.E's Rambo Video Delivers On Its Long Awaited Build Up

After Going Almost 3 years without a visual Kilo M.O.E finally delivers the goods with a dual punch from his latest Single Rambo. As the first official preview of the Shoot- Which Also Featured M.O.E's Debut Single to the Feddy Andretti project 'Braggin' produced by Twanbeatmaker, Kilo M.O.E's "Go To" for Production.